The Learning of Digital Signature Certificate in Corporate Terms


The web has covered most of the corporate sectors nowadays. Corporate sectors have received this huge coverage because of the robustness and efficiency of the internet. Almost all the sectors are generating electronic versions of bills or tenders.  The same facility has received by the E-Tendering services, a facility offered over the internet. DSC or Digital Signature Certificate is an integral part of e-tendering and play the important role of authentication.

After a short introduction of DSC, let’s begin with the few questions that what and why and how we need Digital Signature Certificate.


What is Digital Signature?

An electronic form of a signature is known as a digital signature which is used in the authentication process to identify the true sender or signer of a document.  This electronic form of signature also ensures the originality of the sent document that has been sent is unchanged. Authentication is one of the main advantages but also this service has tailored with two more facilities

  1. Easily Transportable
  2. Cannot be imitated by someone

The ability to guarantee that the original signed document arrived signifies that the sender cannot easily reject it later.

What is Digital Signature Certificates?

Digital Signature Certificate is the digital format of paper certificate like a driving License, passport, etc. These certificates serve as evidence of the identity of a person or entity for a certain reason; for example, a Passport recognizes someone as a citizen of a particular country; who has permission to travel to any country. Similarly, a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) can be presented digitally to verify your identity, to access services on the web or to sign certain documents electronically.

What is the need of a Digital Signature Certificate?

A Digital Signature Certificate validates your identity digitally. It also offers you with a good level of security and safety for any online transactions to avoid any kind of fraudulence and to maintain transparency by ensuring complete privacy of the information exchanged using a Digital Signature Certificate. These certificates can be utilized to encrypt information to maintain the confidentiality of information such that only the aimed recipient can interpret it. Information is digitally signed to assure the recipient that the document has not been changed in transit, and also authenticate identity as the sender of the information.

  • Authenticates your identity electronically
  • Provides high level of security for any online transaction
  • Verify sender identity
  • One of the best ways to provide proof of data integrity.

Why Digital signature and Digital Signature Certificate is different?

First is electronic method of signing a digital form of document and another is a computer based record.

The DSC is a quick and reliable process which helped to build trust over online transactions. The confidentiality of any information has been ensured now. It is now the integral part of any electronic corporate sector. Transparency of the online transaction is increased. It is completely reliable process over paper based process to avoid fraud.


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