Tender Management and Tender Information Company


Tendering is very hectic and tedious process in the traditional way, but now E-tendering has lower down the hassle and offered efficiently. Tending is one of the well known processes to get the best services at the best prices and this is adapted all over the world. India is also one of them where governments and organizations ask to fill and submit tender from the service provider or provider of any product at a very good price. Now E-tendering has taken its place and now this process is no more time consuming and tedious. Many Tender Information Companies offer tender alert in India to make the seller aware of the new generated tender for bid.

How Tender Management starts?

The tender starts when a suitable ITT has been recognized. The ITT or Invitation To Tender is a official document that is issued by a buying organization in order to inform other companies that bids for a section of job, project or service is necessary.

There is always a set limit that the tenders must be arrived by and this crafts bid management very time reliant. It all adds to the stress of the entire process.


The Inclusion of tender management Process offer analysis of the constraints within the Invitation To Tender. Tender management Process provides creating a solution that meets these requirements. It manages the employees that will write the offer. It develops a convincing offer that will meet the necessities and be prominent from other bids. It produces a pricing structure that will succeed the bid as well as generate revenue by the end of the project. It Minimize risk & maximizing the contact of the tender. It helps to sticking to fixed deadlines.

Tenders Are Not that Standardized

There is regular bid management processes offered to manage these activities and one published bid methodology. There are also some automated systems that will run the workflow of a tender contract management process but bid management is nowhere as created as project management. This encounters proposal writers with the past of preferred winning. A tender o writer manages possibility very well and is always prepared and able to manage employees within a very well charged environment.


Tender Agreements Framework

Such is the recognition of tendering that systems of agreement tenders are now being offered. This is where an organization tenders to obtain an agreement structure that then supplied them with the chance to tender for future job with the company.

These framework agreements are especially popular with governmental tenders and large organizations and are often found in IT and staffing. The structure and process is same for low level or high level tenders. The cleaning services tender process will be same as the million rupees machine system.

They begin with the Invitation to Tender request for bids and end up with a bargained contract. A decent bid manager knows how to deal with the process, whilst juggling staff, burden of information, hunting down missing information and organization time frames.


2 Winning Insights for Tender Proposal


To win over a tender, you require having a planned approach. Just to apply for one is not a complete effort one is doing. Also If it so, it is waste of time. Many Business owners or organizations don’t attempt to compete for a few tenders due to lack of consultancy.

Well a few points are here, the elements that one must have included before go to the bidding.

A simple answer of “How to write a tender bid?”

Look from the client’s eye

Here is slight insider information for you. Putting out a tender is a work that no one enjoys. It’s a time-consuming process for organizations.

This approach can help to your advantage if you explain clearly in the tender proposal that you recognize what the buyer needs.

It sounds uncomplicated, but few organizations or business competing for tenders do this, speaking about themselves rather than offering how you can help the client with their requirement.

Show that you understand what the buyer is looking for –

At first place, you need to generate queries from your side to gather information you require. Choose a best time that is before the tender process begins. This is one of the strategic approaches that need to be adopting to win over any bid or contract.

To make sure an even playing area for all potential suppliers once the tendering procedure is in work often means that buyers are limited in what they can tell you. This is why it is very significant to meet the appropriate buyers and communicate to them prior to the tender going live.

Knowing whether the client is offering the tender because of financial or operational reasons will change the step you take. By Understanding the client’s motivation, and presenting that understanding in the bid, is the first approach in writing an appealing tenderproposal.

Speak Buyer’s Language –

When you inscribe the proposal, ensure that you speak the language the buyer uses. This instantly establishes connection and places you as a contractor that has a value of what the buyer is looking for.

Remove unnecessary jargon which are annoying and buyers are able to sift through exaggerations at speed and clichés.

Your proposal must communicate same as you would have with a live human. It is important to comprise case studies that show how does product or services can facilitate the client achieve their plans, but do this in a technique that try to inform rather than impress. Do not explain every procedure you have as results-driven, and not everything you do is a model compared to the rest of the trade so don’t portray is as such.

Time is important essence, so write clear and concise proposal which ironically will impress the client.

Leads that Close, Yes if you are going to apply for tender proposal these insights will help you. Attempt to compete, believe that you have a chance of winning one.

The Learning of Digital Signature Certificate in Corporate Terms


The web has covered most of the corporate sectors nowadays. Corporate sectors have received this huge coverage because of the robustness and efficiency of the internet. Almost all the sectors are generating electronic versions of bills or tenders.  The same facility has received by the E-Tendering services, a facility offered over the internet. DSC or Digital Signature Certificate is an integral part of e-tendering and play the important role of authentication.

After a short introduction of DSC, let’s begin with the few questions that what and why and how we need Digital Signature Certificate.


What is Digital Signature?

An electronic form of a signature is known as a digital signature which is used in the authentication process to identify the true sender or signer of a document.  This electronic form of signature also ensures the originality of the sent document that has been sent is unchanged. Authentication is one of the main advantages but also this service has tailored with two more facilities

  1. Easily Transportable
  2. Cannot be imitated by someone

The ability to guarantee that the original signed document arrived signifies that the sender cannot easily reject it later.

What is Digital Signature Certificates?

Digital Signature Certificate is the digital format of paper certificate like a driving License, passport, etc. These certificates serve as evidence of the identity of a person or entity for a certain reason; for example, a Passport recognizes someone as a citizen of a particular country; who has permission to travel to any country. Similarly, a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) can be presented digitally to verify your identity, to access services on the web or to sign certain documents electronically.

What is the need of a Digital Signature Certificate?

A Digital Signature Certificate validates your identity digitally. It also offers you with a good level of security and safety for any online transactions to avoid any kind of fraudulence and to maintain transparency by ensuring complete privacy of the information exchanged using a Digital Signature Certificate. These certificates can be utilized to encrypt information to maintain the confidentiality of information such that only the aimed recipient can interpret it. Information is digitally signed to assure the recipient that the document has not been changed in transit, and also authenticate identity as the sender of the information.

  • Authenticates your identity electronically
  • Provides high level of security for any online transaction
  • Verify sender identity
  • One of the best ways to provide proof of data integrity.

Why Digital signature and Digital Signature Certificate is different?

First is electronic method of signing a digital form of document and another is a computer based record.

The DSC is a quick and reliable process which helped to build trust over online transactions. The confidentiality of any information has been ensured now. It is now the integral part of any electronic corporate sector. Transparency of the online transaction is increased. It is completely reliable process over paper based process to avoid fraud.

Procedure to follow after Tender Alert Service



Now a day the business world has become cutthroat competitive and almost all potential projects and services are put out to tender and all the system has been put over the internet. That is various potential organizations are given the chance to bid for the work. There are different online websites that offer tender alert service to potential bidders.

In their offers, they are going to explain how their organization will tackle a business problem, give the service required or supply the products asked. They will likewise need to offer a competitive cost for this work.


The process of outlining and writing these tenders, finish with the competitive pricing, is known as bid management, tender management or proposal management.

The tender begins when an appropriate Invitation To Tender (ITT) has been distinguished. The ITT is a formal archive that is distributed by a purchasing organization with a specific end goal to tell other companies that bids for a project, piece of work or service is required.

There is always a fixed deadline that the tenders must be returned by and this makes bid management very time dependent.

There is dependably a settled due to date that the tenders must be returned by and this makes bid management exceptionally time dependent. It all includes to the stress of the whole procedure.

When they answer to an invitation to tender (ITT) they are expecting to fulfill the potential client entire requirements and it is very unlikely that a single person will have all the expertise, knowledge, insight, and creative ability to build up a relevant and convincing reply. (Maybe the request ought to persuade and fitting.)  They need to create a team to address all the problems and that is an expertise in itself. An issue expert – ordinarily referred to as the SME – might possibly have the communication skills to create the real tender document. The group itself won’t have the objectivity to re-read, evidence, precise and make their tender document compelling before it goes to the customer, as they will realize what they implied – so an important, if confusing, portion of the team will be individual or some people who are not part of the team to do all of this before it goes to the client.

These structure agreements are especially popular with government tenders and extensive organizations and are regularly found in IT and staffing.

Tenders can be low level, for example, a cleaning service or they can be very costly, for example, an offer for a multi-million dollar new PC framework yet they all have a similar structure and procedures.

They begin with the ITT ask for bids and wind up with an arranged contract. A decent bid manager knows how to deal with the procedure while juggling staff, data over-burden, scanning for missing data and overseeing time frames.

Trending with Tendering



“Trends” are the mantra of internet and e-Procurement is the new trend in the transaction of good and services between the seller and buyers.

Tendering is a very old process of advertising, processing, bidding and selling of goods and services at fixed prices. But the process has seen the shift with the rapid growth of internet. Rather than hunting down tenders in the dusty business corners of newspapers, through word-of-mouth or memos, online tender databases can be searches for tenders based on requirement or criteria. Organizations can become part of the alert mailing lists of an online tender portal and receive alerts about new and relevant tenders from both the government as well as the private and service sector.


The main aim is to make sure that the organizations have access to new tenders as fast as possible and that equal opportunity is provided to these organizations. Such as access makes sure that business expands beyond their usual boundaries and diverge into different sectors for better and overall development of the organization.

This is also ensured by the fact that these online tender databases do not limit themselves to some regional boundaries. With globalization at its peak everyone wants to have the world-wide business connection and with this online tender portal, it is possible even for small businesses. Since the entire process from advertisement to awarding of tenders is done online the geographical limitations have lost their meaning. The tenders are mailed based on a company’s profile or their requirement. Once the relevant tenders are sorted and matched with these organizations they are mailed daily so that they all have an equal chance to gain an amazing opportunity.

In a case of any queries, various customer helplines have been set up that has helped bridge the information gap between the seller and buyers. The online services are used to provide tender information to a company or organization on their subscriber’s list. These services are usually available at very reasonable prices. It includes access to the database of thousands of tenders, download of any required documents and daily tender’s alerts that match their business profile are provided without any added charges.

Once the organizations find the tenders that match their interest and resources, the online application process for taking part in the bidding race begins. Once the application is filled, an e-Agreement is signed between the parties on both sides to make sure that they would adhere to the rules during the bidding process.

E-Bidding is a very transparent process, visible online to all the bidders who have signed the agreement with the seller. The new bids are visible to each of the organizations who are part of the process. Once the bidding ends, the sellers rank the bid according to preference before announcing the winning bid. An e-receipt is sent by the seller and the transaction is done using online payment portals. And a new business connection is formed.

The internet web has undermined the geographical distance and if you have a vision, the online service portals give you access to the best with minimal efforts. One click and a pile of paperwork disappear. Everyone is caught up on e-Procurement of goods and services.

            Now the race isn’t with time but with quality!

E-Tendering – A Great Way to Prevent Corruption

The grand arrival of internet technology has been responsible for transforming the traditional practice of tendering. Governments around the world have felt the urgent need to improve their services and to deal with all kinds of issues without delay and complications.

We are all aware of the immoral and corrupt practices that take place at tendering and procurement boards levels. The launch of E – Procurement and Online Tendering has definitely resulted in minimizing corruption at higher levels in the government. It brings transparency, easy accessibility to people and also includes other benefits such as conducting business transactions on the internet.

online tender process image

Online Tendering brings a lot of positive factors in the tendering and procurement business. It can be accessed any time and from any place. High level of efficiency, mass reach, easy access to information and details and more importantly; reduce high tender processing costs of the public sector in terms of time and money.

The emergence of the Internet has metamorphosed the entire process of tendering. Bidding for a tender online will provide an added advantage to both the government and its people by minimizing corruption while inviting bids for tenders. Time is easily managed and things can also be handled more efficiently. With the advent of the online system, tendering procedure has become less time consuming and inexpensive.

We all know of the disproportions and corruption involving tenders which have escalated to such proportions that works are already being dispersed among the delegated quarters even before calling for bids. Such kind of corruption in the process will also drive the foreign investors away.
To draw attention to its many beneficial features, it is of utmost importance that the positive factors of e-tender ought to be highlighted and brought to notice.

People should be made to comprehend that the process of online tender submission is a much simpler and easier process than manual tender submission. Even contractors, technologists and engineers are well aware of the benefits of e-tendering and the transparency that it offers. It is the ideal solution for combating corruption at the highest level in the tendering and procurement levels of the government.


A Tender Alert India


Quick! That’s how everything happens these days. Time is the most important resource in this Globalized world. With internet it has become a mantra for all the organizations to get things done faster than before.

Tendering is a complex process and used to take up days along with tons and tons of paperwork. Small mistakes in filing would amount to huge losses on high profit bids. But with automated E-tendering the process is faster, more efficient with adaptable user interface. Profiling helps organizations find the perfect matches online among the pool of thousand of tenders. The entire process has become more transparent and less bias. It’s easier to connect not just locally but globally, hitches and queries solved with modern costumer services by various online tender services. Safer portals and gateways for immediate payments and viola the process ends smoothly for both sides.


Indian private and public sectors are woven together both in trade and services. A lot of the tenders put online are government contracts and are helpful and profitable, especially for organizations trying to set up themselves in their sectors. Tenders aren’t simply for profits, even non-profit NGOs access tenders for better access and opportunities.

With thousands of tender opportunities both from the government and private spheres, it is a demanding task to find the best tenders for one’s organization. But with Tender Alert systems provided online the entire time wasted in the process is cut down to least. Various tender alert service sites have mailing lists for the subscribers. The subscribers receive a list of tender alert in India daily based on their choices/preferences or based on their organizational profile, matching them with the most suitable tender for procurement that are available on the web.


A number of multinational companies have helped the state governments to develop efficient and effective tender alert system for their subscribers. The process, as a result has become flawless reducing the everyday occurrences of bribery and underhanded process of favoring tenders in the past. Recently the state government of Madhya Pradesh has revamped their online website to give a better experience to the organizations that had subscribed to it. Such efforts have helped improve MP tender alert system. These tender alerts usually provide information such as tender number, NIT number, tender release date, last dates for tender purchase/ bid submission, etc. along with various detailed descriptions about the tender.

The entire process of tendering has shifted into the automated virtual space with open access to all. From placing the advertisements to information gathering, filing and bidding to buy and payment, it’s all done before computer screens and with much-reduced efforts from a traditional tendering system. The competency has increased and thus the competition has increased too. Tender Alerts in India have been proven revolutionary, providing efficient means for organizations and sectors to connect at a Global platform and raise the bar higher than ever. The stakes are higher but so are the profits. It’s a process that is still evolving each day. E-tendering is the new way of India.